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Wow…. the above posts make me fucking ashamed to be any color in this country. When white people try to show support, they are told they have no opinion because they are white. Yet the black and other minorities are here telling US we don’t belong with them, we can’t stand with them, our support and opinions are meaningless…. yet you blame us for separating ourselves from you. When will EVERYONE realize that the only way to conquer racism, fear, and stereotyping is to stand together and not separate ourselves into colors and groups. 

We are all Trayvon Martin, we are all discriminated against for what we are somewhere. I am a white woman. While being white and wearing a hoodie may not get me stares… what about being a woman? There are still places in the world that a woman has no voice, some that can’t even walk down a street without a male escort, places where women and children are still sold into sexual slavery. My female ancestors fought for the right to vote, the right to be heard, the right to have a voice, fair pay, and to be recognized as an equal person with the white males.

Don’t think for one moment that black men in hoodies are the only group that faces discrimination in this country. We all do, for one reason or another, in all parts of the world.

I believe in order to honor this boy, his family, and human beings as a whole, we should stop drawing a line in the sand and deciding who gets to stand on which side and support which cause based on the color of their skin!


I am a FEMALE.



you’re a stupid white cunt is what you are

have a lovely day, you racist fuck

Wait, are you saying white people can’t take a stand against racism? 

Its not taking a stand against racism when you’re making it about your white privileged self.  What she’s essentially doing is denying her privilege.  As white people, we just simply cannot comprehend the magnitude of racism that surrounds Trayvon’s murder and cover-up.  I don’t know what its like to be discriminated against on a racist basis.  I am not Trayvon Martin.  So let the people who know first hand about this shit be the ones to talk.  If you’re only involved to prove that you’re a good white person, guess what, you’re not actually a good person.

Why is it more important to point out that some lady who likely spoke out of compassion and honest outrage suffers from a social fallacy about her level of relation to the incident, rather than simply accepting that she felt like an injustice had been done, and was offered by others a method for expressing that feeling, and used that method in good faith?

This tragedy has the potential to spark a real debate about tyranny, and authoritarian government, so why do we want to debase the discussion to one of race?

In the police state we have been sold PoC are more oppressed, yes. No question. However, all people have been divested of basic sovereignty, the right to true unfettered ownership of land, the right to self administration, the right to self-deliberation, and the right to be safe from violent coercion.

From this perspective, one can see that although PoC are seen as second class citizens by the elites, so are NrW (Non rich Whites). They are at about a 1.2 on a scale of 10 for freedom. PoC are like at a 0.8.

So, who benefits when we bicker and bitch about the .4 out of 10? The assholes already enjoying their 9.9 on the freedom scale that is who.

What PoC’s, NrW’s, MRA’s, LQBT’s NewFems, and all the other groups need to do is realize that fighting over that tiny margin is a giant wank. It’s just what the overlords that hold all the genuine privilege want you to do.

They know very well that humanity united would toss their whole system of parasitism to the wayside, if only we could just stop pretending that “our” silly little segment of culture is somehow morally superior to “their” little segment, just because we can see our own personal injustices in a clearer light than they can.

I am not Trayvon Martin. I have to step over the line to be made an example of, but if I do make that choice they will kill me just the same.

There is a fundamental difference there. It’s valid. It’s just nowhere near a large as the gap that me and Trayvon share between our realities, and say, the reality a member of the Waltons, or the Rothschilds faces every day. 

They are free to orchestrate the deaths of millions, to wage wars, to sway public opinion, to live free of the fear of coercion by fascists. 

We are not. Our freedom has been legislated into obscurity, and the more we bicker, and fight and cry, and insult each other over what iniquities are left over, the more the elites will “correct” the problem by making us ever more equal.

Equal in our utter lack of sovereign right to expression of our agency without fear of violent state sponsored censure.

Equal in our complete lack of real property.

Equal in our total lack of control over what is taught to our children.

Equal in our social status, poor, who-gives-a-fuck-what-color, trash.

I think that there is a better way.

A way that celebrates ethnicity and culture, but rejects the unscientific and immoral concept of race altogether. One that focuses on defining ourselves by what we share, rather than what we identify as different.

That way is egalitarianism. We can express this political philosophy through tiered referendum democracies, measures that allow people to make the decisions that affect their own lives, their own way.

This has never been a possibility before now, as logistics were simply too difficult. In the current day, however, a dumb terminal, and a dial-up connection could be set up for about $50 per household. This would allow people to ensure that the by-laws in their community supported positive policies for the people of the area, not for Mittens or Newt or that Buffet fellow.


Bring on the telling me that somehow my so called “white male privilege” was the thing that informed the entire drive of my “rant”.

Bring on the claims that I cannot possibly understand the plight of all the oppressed masses because of all that money and power I was wielding.

I spent my late teens and early 20’s on the street. I have never made over $15,000 in a year, and my worst year was like $2000. I have been moved along by police, both politely, and violently. I have been the victim of sexual and physical assault, while still a minor teen. Traditional institutions have never given me anything but the absolute minimum allowed by law, when I was in need.

And sure, none of this adds up to being shot down in the street because some useless, evil ass had an adrenaline rush and a pistol at the same time, but they sure don’t add up to “privilege” either.

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